About Us - Mystic Wic

Locally Handmade - Made in America. Made in Illinois. Made in Frankfort...Initially crafted from the wine bottles our co-founder drank. He likes wine, don't judge.

Globally Mindful - Reusing old wine bottles is just the beginning...Our soy wax is a cleaner-burning alternative to the standard paraffin waxes of old; Our wicks are made of 100% Organic Hemp & 100% Natural Beeswax; Our mailing material is made from recycled paper.

Badass Candles - Our label art is special...We teamed up with Greater Than Zero Percent to find organizations that are truly changing the world. From there, we feature a new organization every month and create artwork inspired by their mission using generative AI. *5% of the profit for all of our candles go towards that featured organization. 

That's badass...